10 Addicting Shows that’ll make you want to keep Watching in 2017


People love binge watching their favorite television shows. They simply can’t get enough of their favorite characters, the mesmerizing storylines, and the entertainment value that top-rated shows provide. Let’s take a look at the top 10 addicting shows that you want to keep watching in 2017.

10. Star Trek Discovery:

This Star Trek series takes place shortly before the arrival of Captain Kirk and his First Officer Spock. Sonequa Martin-Green (from the Walking Dead Series) plays the role of Michael Burnham a Star Fleet anthropologist aboard the USS Discovery. This show is addictive because it provides lots of great drama and action that Trekkie fans come to expect from the series.

9. Dear White People:

Dear White People is a show about a black young adult female who struggles with the social/political scene at a predominantly white college. The deals with modern racial issues and is presented in a way that makes people really wonder if racism will ever end.

8. Big Little Lies:

This television program is an adaptation of a novel that was released in 2014. It stars Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Shailene Woodley. This show is so good that it received 16 Emmy Awards and won 8. This is definitely one of the hottest show in 2017 that viewers must watch.

7. Line of Duty:

Line of Duty is a British cop show that features veteran actress Thandie Newton as a detective on the hunt for a serial killer. She plays this role with extreme intensity that makes it hard for people to turn her off.

6. Insecure:

Insecure is a HBO comedy/drama program that looks at the flaws and imperfections of two black girls who are trying to live life. This is a great show for people to watch just to have fun watching these women go about their daily existence.

5 American Gods:

This is an unusual program that features a leading character named Shadow Moon. He is an ex-convict who discovers that the world around him is filled with gods and spiritual beings. This show is extremely original, and people will be hooked once they start watching.

4. Curb your Enthusiasm:

Funnyman Larry David provides his unique insight into people and about life in this interesting comedic program.

3 The Good Place:

The Good Place is an original comedy about 4 people who are doing their best to stay out of hell after they had died. They are assisted in their rouse with the help of Ted Danza. This is definitely one 2017 show that people should take a second look.

2. Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones might be in its 8th season but it still continues to get fans revved up for more. This is a great show about kings, dragons, fantasy and warriors. After all of these seasons, the storyline never gets boring and the show always adds a new twist or spin.

1. The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead would have started to lose ratings after the 5th season. However, when Negan arrived on the scene; the show literally took a turn that few people saw coming. In 2017, the show was in its 8th season and it truly has reinvented itself as a great program that will continue to entertain for years into the future.


Remember that people like to view their favorite shows for many different reasons. These reasons include:

  • Binge watching.
  • Entertainment value.
  • To look at their favorite television stars.

These are all great reasons for watching the best programs in 2017.